troubles @ IA

Last three months everybody experienced problems when one tried to visit the webpages and tried to down/upload stuff, and there were also issues with the counter. You can read more about the troubles and the solution here, also expect these problems to last till half february:

"1) we've been switching to a "should be faster" http backend server on some of our machines. that's making updating download counts a bit trickier until we finish (soon!) the parsing code.

2) we had a lot of server upgrades we had to do unscheduled, right around thanksgiving.

3) we are upgrading our "fleet" of servers to a new OS. that has caused some stability issues as we've had to sort out some issues only seen under heavy load.

4) we've *massively* upp-ed our bandwidth. so suddenly some servers are serving out "hot" items so fast they are swamping servers temporarily until we can get to it. this plus the faster http server in 40 of our most recent nodes mean some items are ruining the fun for the rest for periods of time.

5) holidays -- we are shortstaffed. it's a holiday weekend and i'm writing this from boston! (nuff said ;-) "

Still, we thank the IA for being here and serving as mothership for a lot of netlabels!

I like this Pizzicato

Just discovered that one of my all-time favourites has a video.
Don't forget to listen to the full-length version of the song. This song was one of the reasons that convinced me that you have to take netlabels serious. The bands' website seems to be off air, and the netlabel Realaudio seems to be defunct. Hm, a pity!

Pizzicato Suite (I like this Pizzicato) - Rasterfahndung ([rabr002] I Like This Pizzicato)

Nederland - België: 5-0

Nederland maakt plannen op het gebied van auteursrecht op regeringsnivoo: "Ministers Hirsch Ballin (Justitie), van der Hoeven (EZ) en Plasterk (OCW) een beleidsbrief over het auteursrecht naar de Tweede Kamer gestuurd, waarin zij hun plannen op het gebied van auteursrecht toelichten.

In deze brief wordt op drie plekken op de rol van Creative Commons binnen het auteursrecht ingegaan (een keer in de brief zelf en twee keer in de bijlagen)."

lees verder op CC Nederland

Sharing genomes

Nature Publishing Group goes Creative Commons: " In the continuing drive to make papers as accessible as possible, NPG is now introducing a 'creative commons' licence for the reuse of genome papers. The licence allows non-commercial publishers, however they might be defined, to reuse the pdf and html versions of the paper. In particular, users are free to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the contribution, provided this is for non-commercial purposes, subject to the same or similar licence conditions and due attribution."

nws zkt m/v

Voor ons nieuwe Netwaves seizoen (start vanaf 6 okt.) zoeken we nog steeds personen die willen:
- presenteren
- een review schrijven van netlabel releases
- research doen naar artiest/netlabel
- compilaties samenstellen
- bloggen over muziek en/of Creative Commons
- Sabam-watchen
- promotie maken op internet en in 'real life'
- streaming audio opzetten
- concerten organiseren
- drinken, babbelen over en luisteren naar muziek
- wonen in of rond Leuven
- Radio Scorpio helpen

Stuur een mailtje naar 'netwaves apestaart'.

Wij zitten @ Radio Scorpio.
Wij bloggen @
Wij podcasten @ iTunes.
Wij parkeren ons archief @ Internet Archive.

Netwaves 2.12: Aerotone

In the first episode of 2008, Jan from Netwaves dives into the air with Jan from Aerotone. Enjoy!


01. Hashirihaki suru - Le mépris
02. Directions - Leander
03. Roommates - This Mess Is Mine
04. Valedictions - Turnus
05. Jonathan falls into sleep - Cantaloup
06. St. Petersburg - Bersarin-Quartett
07. Quietest - Transient
08. Away with words - Crepusculum
09. Balcony - Norton (Corwood Manual Remodelling)
10. Karp - Bluebridge Quartet
11. D.Kitt - My First Trumpet
12. Was wir haben - Renniac

le sens de la vie

just 2 years old: Bernard Stulzaft - Le sens de la vie (VT13)

Netwaves with Jamison Young

Netwaves talks in the new episode with singer song-writer Jamison Young and looks back at 2007 in 5 songs.

Netwaves will have a Xmas rest. We will be back monday the 7th of january. Merry Xmas balls everybody and a happy new ear!


01. Back To Start - Colida
02. For You... - iambic²
03. Sweet man like me - Nils Hoffmann
04. shower curtain - Planet Boelex
05. Top Of The Hill - Jamison Young
06. How Far - Jamison Young
07. Cassowary - Ergo Phizmiz
08. The martial arts - The Sursiks
09. Ist das alles - Endlos
10. Sedna - Twile feat. Milja
11. Skyline - Fatima Meets Kuriaki
12. silent night - nullsleep

trip to the balls of Brussels

Last monday, my office offered me and my colleagues a trip to the Atomium in Brussels. It was a nice trip: this building has an eternal coolness, while it's wrapped in fifties nostalgia. All by all: you should see this piece of art.
But that's where it gets interesting for us: this building has a copyright, ie. when i publish a picture of this copy of an Iron crystal on my website i should pay the Belgian collecting society Sabam (no panic, the picture on my blog is not a picture or copy, it's just a link pointing to the server of the Atomium). So, if i want to publish a picture that i took of this building, constructed and built by tax money, i have to pay royalties to the family of the architect (+ 70 years after his death in 2005) ... Now, that is when i start to think this should be called corruption :-(
Well, the guys at have found a solution to this problem :-D (article in Dutch, picture in universal).

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