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C3S: fair collecting society

a brandnew type of collecting society sees light: you can help them with crowdfunding

"C3S is a collaborative effort to found a new and ground-breaking European collecting society for musical creators being build with themselves participating. C3S is intended to become a non-exclusive collective society to register musicians' works outside of traditional schemes, released under Creative Commons non-commercial licences, but monetised in commercial use. More than that, C3S will offer registering works for commercial purpose released under other free licences as well, including those works released under no explicitly defined licences."

my t-shirt is underway


CC 10 year anniversary Mixtape

A European musical tribute to - and celebration of - the 10-year anniversary of the Creative Commons sharing tools.

Europe has great musical talent! Some of which is freely available under open licenses. This mixtape showcases the talent of 20 artists from 20 European countries. Local Creative Commons organizations have compiled a collection of twenty great songs to help celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Creative Commons licenses.

The resulting mixtape can be found at (in the netwaves records collection!) and is available for free download under various Creative Commons licenses.

10 CC

YouTube goes CC

YouTube launches support for CC BY and a CC library featuring 10.000 videos.

Work found at / CC BY 3.0

Open Attribute

Finally an extreme handsome tool for all Creative Commons bloggers, called Open Attribute. With this Firefox addon or Chrome extension, you've got the CC-license in two clicks from the source page where you're copying/linking CC material. It will look like the rule here, which i copied from their website with their tool:

in html:
Work found at / Open Attribute / CC BY 3.0

in plain text:
Work found at / Open Attribute ( / CC BY 3.0 (


Creative Commons licentie getest en goedgekeurd in België

De Creative Commons-licentie is in België getest en rechtsgeldig. Een rechter uit Nijvel heeft een organisator tot een schadevergoeding veroordeeld omdat hij bij de keuze van een liedje de Creative Commons-regels niet respecteerde.

Lees het volledige artikel in Apache.

sheet music

Yesterday, netwaves was invited by the Cultural Counsil from Leuven to give some explanation about Creative Commons. The Counsil exists of people involved in non-profit organisations for amateur arts.

After our exposition, people could pose some questions, and what stroke me, there is a big demand for 'open/free' sheet music. I never had the interest to search for the existence of this kind of music experience, so i had not much to answer. Now, as a way to meet this demand, i've googled a bit on sheet music and Creative Commons, and i think these few links are a good start. My first impression though is that there is more public domain than CC, but that's maybe because most op the composers are dead, and so there's no need for a CC license?

So, bonne chance!

- Public Domain Sherpa: everything public domain with lots of research and explanations
- the Wikipedia page of sheet music, with some links (at the bottom) to free sheet music
- IMSLP / Petrucci Music Library: their goal is "to create a virtual library containing all public domain music scores"

Any other suggestions are welcome, you can use the comment field!

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