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n0theen's call for a compilation

Che cos’è una netlabel?

We welcome our italian netlabel friend eldino.
He told us: "'il blog di eldino' has been refered many times as the best (the only?) italian resource about this topic. Some posts are in english as well, but it's mainly addressed to italian netlabbers. I did recently a workshop in October about netlabels inside a very important italian festival about arts (read more on my blog) and i bi-weekly talk about netlabels in a radio (via telephone). Take a look :)"
eldino also has a netlabel meter: here you can visually follow how many Gigabytes netlabel music eldino has so far. Today (29-11-2007) the counter is at 126,25 Gb.
il blog di eldino resides now in the 'releases and reviews' part of the blogs sector.

Cin cin!

new kids on the blog

Well, in fact not so new, but I just discovered them recently.
Inq is short for Inquietudes, and the man behind this blog is Mikel Mendia, an artist who is not unknown to the microhouse and chill lovers among us. It also features a podcast of netlabels.
Listen to "Airwaves love" - Mikel Mendia ([site010] Bass Life)

We at Netwaves, always thought we were the only surfers around, but there's another surfer at the horizon who wants to catch up with the waves. Just to tell in bad prose that the blog is called "Catching The Waves". CTW says: "Catching The Waves is a list of things I like, it's not a review of netlabel releases." Though you can find a lot of reviews here as well. Oh, and he just blogged, what a coincidence, he? ;-) C hear s!

If you wanna fresh up your Hungarian and wanna tälk süm Magyarorszàg, you'll have to try this one: Cult Netmusic. See also the video below.

Find more videos like this on Cult

Das Mutterschiff in English!

At last, but not least: one of the most important netlabel blogs/magazines is coming to the "(d)english" language, ie. Phlow Magazine. Well, it's a blog and podcast about ... euh ... netlabel music. I hope this is a major step to push netlabelism in the traditional music world.
Thanks Mo, Svenand Brigitte!

porn music for the masses

i choose this title, not because it's the subtitle of one of the most downloaded netlabel issues "Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka 1 [csr049]" (146153 downloads untill today),
not because this title refers to these provoking titles/names on it:
Baise et Rebaise Moi - Lubna Lux
Brainwank (Psycho Foo Edit) - Colektro
Gloria - Pearls of Joy
Half An Hour Is For Free - The Devil In Miss Jones (featuring Fats Bob Trumpet)
Hatesex - Mr. Juno
Ici la Femme (XXX Mix) Louise Vertigo - The Lounge King
It Was A Dream - Ton Rückert
The Love God - Martinibomb
The Porn King - The Funky Filter
Silk And Sweat - Thybbuk
Take Me Now! - Nick Chapman
Vuluke Khall (Instrumental Version) - DJ Bootsie
Whose Fantasy Is This, Anyways? - Mr Melvis (featuring R. Stevie Moore and Ms. Demeanor)
not because there's a call for submission for a second edition of this album with the same subtitle, hosted by WM Recordings,
not because the brain behind this initiative is the late, naughty netlabel Comfort Stand Recordings with other outstanding compilations,
but just to attract a few more visitors ...


WebJay is closing down!

ccNeLaS discovered this message on Webjay: "Announcement: Webjay will be closing at the end of June! Click here to learn how you can back up your playlists and keep your player running smoothly."


The one and only netlabel forum 'Netlabel-Board', who got troubles with their host or something, and was offline for a few months, is back online again. Do your netlabel communication about releases, parties, announcements, ... at this forum. You can also eg. have a look at a list of the Benelux (Belgium - Netherlands - Luxembourg) netlabels.

new kid on the blog

I also added the brandnew "Wundertunes" to the blog department of this site. Quote: "Wundertunes is a magazine for contemporary music and art, which is published as free content with creative commons licenses or other copy-left licenses. We will review creative commons music releases, netlabels and underground labels as well as doing artist interviews ..." They also have already made a compilation of netlabel music: the Wundertunes Spring Compilation.
Welcome to the growing netlabel community guys!

Does internet radio need saving?

Under this title Mike Gregoire, owner and creator of the website, and the netBloc compilations, gives a fresh opinion about the death struggle of the dinosaurs in the music industry and why people better switch to netlabel music. Read it here.

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